Health Science Workshop Series

Because there's more to it than 好成绩 和 classes. 让我们来帮忙!

HSCI 101

: Freshmen, transfers 和 any student new to Health 科学.

: 3-4 sessions will be offered every Fall semester.

为什么: Learn about all the HSCI resources available to you 和 what it will take to be a competitive professional school applicant.

Build Your Skills

: Any HSCI student wanting help with organization, time- management, study skills etc.

: Beginning of semester(s) (1 Fall 和 1 春天).

为什么: Success now is required for success later.

Get Out There, Get Experiance

: All HSCI students. It's never too early to get in the field.

A session will be offered each semester (Fall  春天).

为什么You don't know what you don't know, go 和 experience your future career for yourself. 阴影  interning are required for some but are beneficial for all.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail 

: All HSCI students.

Spring semester.

为什么More to it than classes  好成绩. Learn to identify 和 evaluate professional schools, entrance exams 和 opportunities like 出国留学. Maybe you've changed your mind 和 need to change your program. It's important to know what your options are.

Test Prep So You Test Your Best

: All HSCI students with an entrance exam in their future.

: Session offered in the Fall. In addition, faculty offer test prep Monday 和 Wednesday nights during the Spring semester.

为什么Entrance exams are tough. Get to know the MCAT / DAT / OAT / PCAT / GRE well before test day.

Writing Your Personal Statement 

: All HSCI students whose application process is on the horizon.

Spring semester is best for those applying in Summer/Fall.

为什么Personal statements 和 letters of recommendation are crucial elements of your app. Learn how to do it well.

Interviewing for Professional School 

: 学生 preparing to apply in the coming academic year.

Spring semester.

为什么: You're not really asking "why?“你是吗??

Application Assistance 

: All HSCI students

Each modality/program will vary. The Health Science Programs Office will send notifications accordingly.

为什么There is a lot to the app process, let us help!